Project 1 :: Autumn Bobble Hat 1

Well here is my first finished project! (Technically not my first official project, I spent 4 MONTHS making my sister a scarf last year and now she keeps it screwed up in a ball under her bed, grrr…..)

It is being beautifully modelled by my translator Catherine, I gave it to her for all her hard work over the last 4 months. I’m really quite pleased with it, although it’s a little bit too small, but she seems to like it.

I didn’t really use a pattern for this, I had a little look at a few patterns just to see how the basic shape of a hat is constructed and watched some videos on YouTube to teach me how to knit in the round and then I just got stuck in! I do think the knit sticks I used were a little bit too small though. This has made it stick up like a pixie hat, which is quite cool, but it also seems to have left big gaps where I changed needles, not so cool. But I’m still happy with it for a first attempt at knitting in the round.

Autumn Bobble Hat Number 2 has also been completed, with a few changes made to make it a slightly better fit. But I can’t unveil that until it’s lucky recipient (my Mum) gets when I get back to the UK at the weekend! But trust me, it’s worth waiting for!!

I also thought I’d show you a picture of a few people I met at work this week. I’m quite lucky with my job that I get to travel to rural China and I met these guys outside the building I was staying in.I’ve had quite a crazy time while I’ve been here, but I’ve packed my bags and I’ll be starting the 34 hour (urghh..) journey home tomorrow!! I’m really looking forward to getting back and seeing my friends and family and having a CHEESE SANDWICH!! It’s funny the things you miss when you are away, most of the stuff I miss seems to be food related.

Catch you later!!x


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