A big old square!

Well, I’ve definitely picked the wrong time to start a blog!  I promise it’ll get more interesting once I organise my life!

I’ve had a crazy week!  I got back to the office this week after 4 months overseas and spent the week reviewing, presenting and reporting, all those busy office things, then preparing for my new job which starts tomorrow!  In between all the officey things I’ve been trying to find somewhere to live (NIGHTMARE!).  But I did it!  I found the PERFECT flat!!!  Now I can’t stop thinking about all the lovely things I want to make to put in it.  I’ve got to wait a few weeks before I can move in, so I’m staying with a friend until then.

But, in between all this fannying about, I did manage to finish my latest creation!It’s basically a little (28x28cm) cotton moss stitch square I’m planning to use as a wash cloth.It’s based on the pattern from here, but I decided not to use the border, but I think I might add one at some point, no sure yet.I really LOVE this stitch, it’s quite simple to do and has a really interesting texture.Now that’s all finished I have nothing else in my suitcase to start my next project, I think an emergency trip to Hobbycraft is in order tomorrow!



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