Day 10: manga camera

I’m still stuck I’m a hotel so I’ve been looking for things to keep me occupied, I think I’ve come up trumps! I found the app manga camera!

This app is pretty awesome. Instead of just changing the colours of your photos, like most other apps I have (you may have noticed I’m a bit of an Instagram fan), this app changes your pictures into Japanese style comics! It’s amazing!



Aren’t they amazing! I’ve even done one for my latest knitting project…

I think I’m going to do this to all my photos from now on, I LOVE IT!!!


  1. I love this!! I particularly like the knitting in the round pic. I’m in Japan at the moment and would love to have a go but sadly it says it’s incompatible with my iPad and won’t download. Disappointed! But will give it a go when I’m back in the UK. Thanks for posting about it!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. The app is brilliant! Hopefully you’ll be able to get it when you get back. Have fun in Japan! Ive been there once before but only for a very sort trip. I’d love to go back.x

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