Day 16: off again

It has occurred to me that I seem to spend a lot of my time not at home. Right now I’m sitting in an airport waiting for a flight to Nuremberg. Exciting you might think, but I’m going to spend the whole day standing in a field, then I have to get a flight home tomorrow night, not so much fun.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in airports and have started to develop a few little tips.

1. Not everybody uses the moving walkway to speed up their journey, some take it as an opportunity for a little rest. Admittedly I sometimes feel like I cover a lot of ground in an airport, but the clue’s in the name… WALK!

2. All your liquids have to be in a little bag and out of your luggage, seriously, who doesn’t know this yet?

3. Check the size limits of carry on luggage before you pack it, if you can’t get it out of the bag sizer checker, you probably shouldn’t have put it in there in the first place.

Apart from these minor details there are some things I love about going to the airport.

1. SHOPPING!!! Airports seem to be more and more like shopping centres and I love it! I try to get to airports a little bit earlier than I need to just so I can have a good browse.

2. Surprisingly the food is getting better too! Tonight I treated myself to a little Jamie’s takeaway pizza and some yummy nuts. Things have definitely improve since the dodgy looking airline food of my youth!

this might not look that tasty, but believe me, it was pretty yummy!

I’ve just arrived in Nuremberg and check out my hot wheels for the next 24 hours!

At least I’ll be able to find it when I park..


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