Day 21: oh deer oh deer!

Remember I when I mentioned my amazing project here but didn’t want to show you til it was done?  Well, it took longer than I thought, but worth the wait I think…..


Isn’t he handsome!  I’ve been looking for a decopage deer head for months and finally found one when Hobbycraft got their Christmas stock in.  There was no real pattern or plan, I just started crocheting around his neck and just kept going.

What do you think?

I think my next project should be some photography classes to use my camera in low light, but you get the idea!


  1. Ohhhh goodness…that…is…awesome. If I knew where to find Deer-Heads, my walls would be in trouble, because that is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Just so cute and friendly…plus, it’s not actually a deer-head, so no need to worry about eyes following you around – taxidermy is cool, but on the walls at your grandparents’ house when you’re 5 years old, it can be a bit creepy (been there, done that)!
    Goodness this is awesome. Seriously. xx

    1. I totally know what you mean!! when I was little I used to go to a pub with my parents that had loads of stuffed owls all over the walls, it was really weird and I always felt like they were watching me eating. I was thinking of giving Bert some button eyes, but I think I might just keep him the way he is. I might dress him up for Christmas though, maybe some tinsel and a red nose…

      Thanks for visiting my blog!xx

      1. You should totally dress him for Christmas! What’s more festive than that?!?! 😀 Especially the red nose! Oh that’s great, I’m far too excited about this, sorry! XD
        There was a bear at my grandparents’ house that had it’s tongue out and everything…I believe, when no one was looking, I touched it’s tongue and it’s eyes at one point…curiosity killed the cat. Never did that again!

        Will for sure be back to see what you’re up to, you’ve got lotsa good stuff goin’ on!

      2. A BEAR!!!!! That’s so scary!! I thought the owls were but enough, wowsers. That’s so funny that you touched its tongue, was it all bumpy and weird? You should make your own Bert!! It was really easy, I just kept stitching around him, the antlers were a bit fiddly, they nearly fell off a few times, but apart from that…

  2. (I would reply to your comment, but your nesting ran out!) And yes, bumpy and weird. Tongues are like that, lol. I can see how the antlers could be hard to do – a bit more 3D than a head, me thinks. For sure going onto the to-do list!

  3. Burt is amazing! I love him! I’ve been trying to find crochet taxidermy patterns for months, didn’t even think of finding a decoupage head to crochet over – great idea!

  4. Hi, I’m a bit behind on this thread but hoping someone can help! I love Burt he’s great! I have a similar thing to crochet around but I don’t know where to start! Did you just do a chain, join it around the neck and then crochet from there? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello! I’m glad you like it, I started with a chain around the thinnest part of the neck then worked my way forward, just increasing and decreasing where I needed to. Just made it up as I went along really. For the ears and antlers I did a chain around the base of them, then went back to them when the whole head was completed. For the nose, I did a sort of panel down the front, round the end of the nose and attached it underneath. Then filled in the cheeks with horizontal lines.
      I hope that makes sense? I wish I had taken more pictures!! I’m planning to make another one in the next few months do I’ll make sure I take lots of pictures then.
      Good luck!

      1. Thank you so much, that was kind of what I was envisioning! Hopefully I can make it work, I think my yarn is a much lighter weight than yours so it may take me a while! I look forward to seeing your family of deer!

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