Day 26: the big shop

I know what you are thinking, she’s finally lost it, why is she taking pictures of her grocery shopping?  But stay with me, it’ll make sense eventually.

Yesterday a friend of mine I met in China wrote a post about World Food Day, a day to draw attention to hunger, poverty and malnutrition across the world. In her post Olivia talks about how the cultural differences between nations has a huge impact on how we value food and her experiences of the difference between China and the Western world.  She also posted a link to a brilliant photo essay, you should definitely go over and have a look!

It’s that photo essay which inspired my photo today… my weekly shop.

I think you can learn a lot about people from their weekly shop, I always have a good nosey in other shopping trolleys as I wonder around tesco.  The photo essay is a real insight into the culture of each country represented.  Quite an eye opener.

P.S. Olivia, is you read this, I know I still haven’t sent you the parcel I’ve been promising for about 9 months, but if you email me your new address I PROMISE I will do it!!  I’ve said this publicly now so I’ll have to do it.  Miss you.x


  1. I think in the western side of the world, food is more about comfort than sustenance. And that’s part of the problem – there’s more “bad things” in our food, because we’re trying to make ourselves feel better with what we eat, than trying to keep ourselves healthy and energized properly.

  2. Corrie,
    Nice to see you are doing a 30 photo days series too!!!! You have pizza express in England? There’s a pizza express just around the corner from me – i thought it was a hong kong thing! I see you’re still loving cheese as much as ever!
    I’ll; send you my address on facebook! When are you coming back to China?

    1. You should know by now that all the best things come from Britain. Apart from timtams, you can have that one. Have you for pret a manger yet? That was the highlight of my trip to Hong Kong after 6 weeks in Nanning.

  3. I’m with you: it’s fascinating to see what people buy, and very telling too.
    So happy you’ve been with us on the Blogtoberfest12 ride… can you believe we’re almost done?
    Kat xx

    1. I’ve really enjoyed it actually. It’s quite hard work trying to think of something interesting to write everyday, but that’s all part of the challenge I guess. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it actually, given my previous post writing tardiness, but I think I’ll miss it when it’s all over. thanks for hosting it!x

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