Day 28: tweet tweet

Well, only 3 more posts to go after today and I will have completed my blogtoberfest mission. I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long!

I had another rugby match today, our fourth of the season. We managed a very triumphant 64-0, not bad, and I got 3 tries, even better.

Anyway, my mum’s come to visit me this weekend and while I was warming up she took herself off for a little wonder around the village and found a little craft shop.

In this little craft shop was a very nice lady doing a little bit of needle felting. My mum had the sudden brainwave of getting a starter kit as a thank you for feeding her all weekend.

So whilst nursing my bruises and a slightly sore neck I thought I’d give it a go.

After much huffing and puffing I got to here…


Then a little more huffing an a lot of stabbing myself In the finger got me to here!

What do you think? Still quite a bit to go but I’m pretty sure you can tell what it is.

An added bonus to this is that the pain I’m now feeling in my fingers from all that repetitive stabbing has distracted me from all my rugby bruises.

Just one more thing, for anybody that hasn’t needle felted and wants to try it, you don’t really have to stab yourself, I just got a little over excited.


  1. That looks ace! I accidentally bought ‘felting wool’ online recently when I meant to buy regular wool. Any tips on how to use it? I don’t have any other exciting equipment and to be honest don’t really get what felting is!

    1. Don’t stab yourself, that would be my first tip, it really hurts.
      I really don’t know what I’m doing and might be completely wrong but I think the general idea is to get the wool fibres to mesh together. If you get a felting needle it has little nicks in the end of it so that if you stab it into a clump of wool it pushes and pulls all the fibres around so that they stick together, I bit like dreadlocks I guess. Then you just keep stabbing it into a little shape, does that make sense?
      You’ll probably need something to put under the wool so you don’t stab the table or yourself. I’ve got a big block of really dense sponge.
      It’s quite therapeutic actually, once you get going.

      1. Ok, doesn’t sound too complicated (haha so I say now), maybe I’ll give it a go sometime. Thanks! I may find myself some protective hand-wear first though, to avoid this stabbing you speak of!

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