Month: October 2012

Day 21: oh deer oh deer!

Remember I when I mentioned my amazing project here but didn’t want to show you til it was done?  Well, it took longer than I thought, but worth the wait I think…..


Isn’t he handsome!  I’ve been looking for a decopage deer head for months and finally found one when Hobbycraft got their Christmas stock in.  There was no real pattern or plan, I just started crocheting around his neck and just kept going.

What do you think?

I think my next project should be some photography classes to use my camera in low light, but you get the idea!

Day 20: woolly goodness

I don’t normally buy Elle decoration. Not because I don’t like it, but because I usually want to buy everything in it and that’s not good because I don’t have a house to do up yet and it’s all a bit pricy. But I decided to treat myself this weekend, and I’m so glad I did!

There is a lot of knitting inspiration in here this month. It just all looks so snuggly!





Even this little guy got some!


Day 19: paper

Tonight I want to tell you about one of my most favourite apps, Paper

I was looking for an app to just doodle with a found this one. When you it up there’s a few little books you can open.

You can add as many as you want, change the covers and the titles. When you open your book you can browse the pages too, it’s pretty cool.

You get a small, but really good colour palette to use, to be honest I’m not sure I could have picked a better combination. You also get a selection of pens or brushes to write with to create different effects.

AND… On top of creating all your own amazing pictures, you can submit them to the paperblog and see what everyone else has been upto too.

I’ve got a lot of practicing to do to be able to do anything close to these!
There is a free version of this app, but for the little spend you get all pens and brushes! I think it’s worth it.

Day 17: travelcrochet

Well, I survived my little trip and I’ve finally made it back to my own bed. It’s not the going places bit that I don’t like, I LOVE seeing somewhere new, meeting new people and having new experiences, it’s the actual getting there part that bothers me. It just always takes so long!!! I’m still working on my teleportation device, which I’m confident will solve all my little problems! As soon as I’ve cracked it I’ll let you know!

One way to take the pain out of travelling us to get crafty! It really helps to pass the time (not advised will driving).

This is my little travel case.

I don’t fit all my clothes in here, that’s a much bigger bag, this is just for the important stuff like tickets, passport, money and…..

A mini travel crochet kit!
I have ventured out with this before when I went to Tenerife in the summer and made some mini granny squares, but this time I thought I’d try some thing else.

It’s not really anything yet, just a little circle. I’m sure i’ll find a use for it somewhere…

Day 16: off again

It has occurred to me that I seem to spend a lot of my time not at home. Right now I’m sitting in an airport waiting for a flight to Nuremberg. Exciting you might think, but I’m going to spend the whole day standing in a field, then I have to get a flight home tomorrow night, not so much fun.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in airports and have started to develop a few little tips.

1. Not everybody uses the moving walkway to speed up their journey, some take it as an opportunity for a little rest. Admittedly I sometimes feel like I cover a lot of ground in an airport, but the clue’s in the name… WALK!

2. All your liquids have to be in a little bag and out of your luggage, seriously, who doesn’t know this yet?

3. Check the size limits of carry on luggage before you pack it, if you can’t get it out of the bag sizer checker, you probably shouldn’t have put it in there in the first place.

Apart from these minor details there are some things I love about going to the airport.

1. SHOPPING!!! Airports seem to be more and more like shopping centres and I love it! I try to get to airports a little bit earlier than I need to just so I can have a good browse.

2. Surprisingly the food is getting better too! Tonight I treated myself to a little Jamie’s takeaway pizza and some yummy nuts. Things have definitely improve since the dodgy looking airline food of my youth!

this might not look that tasty, but believe me, it was pretty yummy!

I’ve just arrived in Nuremberg and check out my hot wheels for the next 24 hours!

At least I’ll be able to find it when I park..