Christmas Catchup

Well….   Where has the time gone?  It seems I have slipped back into my pre-blogtober tardiness and haven’t written a post for aaaaaages!  I think there is a new year’s resolution in there somewhere.

There is a good reason for my blog post slacking… I’ve been so busy!!  Busy at work, busy making christmas presents and very busy making and eating lots of food!

travel knittingI’ve been on a look of trains recently and taken my latest project with me.  This is my sister’s Christmas present.

One of my little trips was to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show.  Have you ever been to this show?  It’s incredible!  This year they asked people to contribute to an entire knitted village to put on display, it was amazing…

knitted village

There was even a complete farm yard and vegetable patch…

knitted veg patch

The show filled me with inspiration and emptied my bank account at the same time, but it means I’ll have a lot of projects to keep me going in the new year.  There were some brilliant pieces of work on display and this little one definitely caught my eye!


I’ve also attempted my first, and quite possibly my last, ever embroidery!

embroideryThis was a present for my niece’s, yes I’ll say my niece, although my boyfriend thinks she is just his niece, christening.  Who knew embroidery was so much hard work, it definitely doesn’t complement my short attention span and, like my needle felting experience, I ended up with multiple puncture wounds.  Seriously dangerous.

Still, I am quite proud of it, particularly the little church…

embroidery churchmaybe I will try it again, one day…

I’ve also been crafting up a few other things….  A pin cushion for my secret santa at work, or christmas tree decoration, whatever you fancy really.

crochet pin cushionand a not so little stocking for my niece, there you go, I said it again!

handmade stockingThere’s still one or two belated christmas presents I’m trying to finish off, they might become birthday presents instead.

And, as well as all that crafting, I’ve been doing quite a lot of eating too…

christmas dinner!Yummy!  I’m actually quite looking forward to a salad filled January now, I have definitely over indulged, but it is Christmas…

Well, I guess that’s me for 2012, I hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas and I’ll see you in the New Year!  Hopefully a bit more regularly.


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