What do you get a one year old?

What do you get a one year old? I was faced with this question a little while ago, and as this was quite a special little man I wanted to get him something quite unique.
I spent ages trawling through the Internet trying to find the perfect gift, but, admittedly, I left it a little bit too late to order anything truly bespoke. So I rolled my sleeves up and did something myself!

I cut out some big, tall triangles….

Then made a stencil out of some cardboard…

Added some very funky colours…

Checked they all fit together…
Then added a few sticks and a little whizz on the sewing machine and….
Ta da!!!!
My very first tipi!!

Unfortunately I’m a little bit too big for it, but it fits the one year old just fine.

Can you believe it!!!

I had some very exciting news this week and have just been waiting to have enough time to tell you…

I got my first blog award nomination!  Clare over at So Many crafts, So little time nominated me, it was a complete surprise and put a big smile on may face all week!

As part of my nomination I have to do a few little things;

1. Thank the person who nominated you. DONE, THANKS AGAIN CLARE!

2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post. HERE YOU GO!


3. Share 7 things about yourself. HMMM…

1) I was born in Belfast, grew up in Wales and now live in England, I should probably consider retiring in Scotland, just to round things off nicely.

2) I don’t eat meat, unless it’s chicken breast.  I don’t know why, and it drives my boyfriend mad, but I never have and I never will (So stop pestering me Tom!).

3) My best friend is my little sister, even though we used to argue quite a bit when we were younger and she used to pull my hair A LOT, I think she’s the bee’s knees and miss her quite a lot.

me and my super little sis!

me and my super little sis!

4) I love CHEESE!!!!  It’s my favourite food, or maybe it’s chocolate?  I do quite like avocado, and aubergine and hummus aswell.  And grapes and mango too…. Oh I can’t decide.  I’m quite partial to the odd cream tea too.

5) My favourite place in all the world is a little youth hostel called Casa Kiwi outside a small town called Trujillo in Honduras.  I went there when I was travelling in 2006, and it was paradise!

6) My favourite colour is green, although I’ve just realised I’ve never actually crafted up anything that is green, I should probably do that.

7) If I could have magical power in all the world it would be teleportation.  That would solve ALL my problems, I would never be late, I could travel the world without any of the inconvenience of actually travelling and I could see all my favourite people whenever I wanted to.  Could someone please hurry up and make a teleportation device!












5. Include this set of rules. 

6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs I’M OFF TO DO THAT NOW!



What was I thinking

I seem to have made that fatal mistake, again, and set ridiculously over the top New Year’s Resolutions. Why do I do this to myself?

Usually my will power wains by about 24th January, I have a second wind for the first few weeks of February, then it’s all over by March and everything goes back to normal.

This year I’ve added a twist and challenged my Mum and Sister to give up chocolate for the WHOLE YEAR!!!!

*head hits keyboard in despair*


It seemed like a really good idea at the time, appealing to my excessive competitive nature to ensure I stay on track, but really, what was I thinking?  To make it even worse, I’ve also challenged my boyfriend to give up crisps instead of chocolate, as they are his biggest vice.  I should have just stuck with my Mum and Sister, they are far more forgiving and I reckon I could have tricked them into eating chocolate sooner or later.  But my boyfriend? the competitive rivalry between us, particularly over childish bets, is off the scale.  And to make it worse, he’s now decided he LOVES chocolate!! grrrrrr…….

In addition to this I’ve also set myself 3 other challenge (I prefer the word challenge, it just makes it so much more exciting!!!!)

Not to buy anymore wool until I make a serious dent in my stash. (I did manage to squeeze in a sneaky little splurge on the 29th December, but seriously, this has to stop now)

the stash!!

To complete the equivalent of one hexipuff a day to create the amazing Beekeepers Quilt by Tiny Own Knits.


To write down everything I spend everyday in the hope that I can learn to budget a little better and be put off buying things I don’t need because I have to write them down.

So far, I’m 5 hexipuffs behind, I have no money until I get paid at the end of the month and there’s a wool sale on at John Lewis, I’m screwed….  but I’m NOT going to eat chocolate!





Blogtoberfest day 1: craftanoons!

I know what your thinking, given my previous track record, the chances of me completing a blog post everyday for the next month is highly unlikely, but I’m going to give it a go!

So, today’s post is all about my craftanoons!

Technically, it’s a craftanevening, but that doesn’t sound as catchy.
Once a week me and my friend Lisa get together to do crafty things.


We started off doing really well and were extremely productive, however, it didn’t take us long to spend more time eating, talking and drinking tea than actually making anything. The picture above is our dinner tonight, butternut squash risotto, very autumnal!


See you tomorrow!

Early winter warmer

I know what you’re thinking, it’s only been a week since my last post, surely I can’t be writing another one so soon. Well, I’ve been very busy!
I’ve decided to do this whole post on my phone. All the photos were taken with my phone and I’m even writing this on my phone. Mental.

Anyway, down to business….


I’ve had this little project in my head for a little while…


It was a request from my cousin for her little girl. I spend ages trying to find a pattern, but couldn’t get one I liked so I’ve just made it up.


It sort of turned out how I imagined, but after making my last project it was quite nice to not follow a pattern and just go with the flow.


Ta da!!!!

What do you think? My first hat of the wrap up warm season. I just hope it fits!

Corrie’s final thoughts
It’s so much fun posting from my phone! This literally took me 2 mins! You could be hearing a lot more from me….


A Ravelation

Just a quick post today, but I really need to share this vital information…. is AMAZING!!

I did find ravelry a few months ago when I first embarked on my Internet/knitting adventure, but didn’t really. spend that much time looking around  well, i have recently discovered the yarn search function.  wowsers!


it’s complete genius!!

If you are anything like me you probably get sucked into every yarn shop you walk past and always end up buying a stash stock up but are never quit sure what to do with it.

well, now you can find loads of ideas!  this little part a ravelry lists every project every person in the whole ravelry universe has done with that yarn. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

As you can probably tell I’m quite excited about this and I just wanted to tell you in case you didn’t know.

Anyway, it’s Saturday night and I’ve got a glass of wine that needs my attention.


(P.S. always drink responsibly)



Welcome back…finally!!

Well… it’s been a while. Since my last post a few months ago there has been…

1 house move, still unpacking boxes

1 new job, i’ve finally got the hang of it, i think…

3 new babies, none mine, but all keeping my knitting needles busy

1 amazing new discovery, stamford cheese cellar, cheesy heaven!

1 car crash, not too serious, but quite scary, all sorted now

4 overseas trips, all for work, not for pleasure, but summer holidays are coming up soon!

1 shade darker, hopefully a new hair colour will compliment my new tan, when i finally get some sunshine!

1 marathon – my amazing sister completed the moonwalk raising money for breast cancer wearing a crocheted bra…

1 new gym membership, so toning up nicely, but all the scones this weekend won’t be helping

1 weekly crafting club, which involves as much eating as crafting

1 rugby match, and pre season training will be starting again soon, yay!

and finally, most importantly… 1 internet connection!! i’m officially back!

The lack of internet for the passed 3 months has not been all bad, it has meant I’ve had a bit more time to do a bit more crafting. With all the babies popping out everywhere at the minute, i’ve gone baby knitting crazy!! I found this amazing bootie pattern on ravelry and been busy ever since.

This is my first attempt…

With the addition of a little bow, they were beautifully modelled by their new owner…


I also made a version for a little baby boy too. I changed the pattern slightly and, as I’m definitely not the best knitter in the world, this ended up being a bit harder than it should have been, but I’m quite happy with the results!

What do you think?


Well, now that I finally have the internet, it won’t be another 3 months til my next post., promise. Catch you later!


Here is the little man modelling the little booties, cute huh?