deer head

What did I miss?

4 month hey?  It’s been a while.  I have had the most stressful 4 months in a long time.  NOT FUN, but, I think that’s it now, everything has started to calm down a little bit and I’m getting back to normal and finding the time to do the things I love doing, like making stuff and telling you all about it!

I’ve got a few little projects on the go which I’m very close to finishing so pictures will follow soon, but in the meantime here’s a few little pictures from my recent trip to the Chelsea Flower Show…

chelsea flower show 1My super duper sister bought me tickets to the show for my birthday.  I’ve always wanted to go but it was always at an awkward time of the year.

chelsea flower show 2

It was a brilliant day out!  But there was soooo much rain!  We got soaked so spent most of the time in the big tent or hidden in the hospitality tent eating chelsea buns with clotted cream and jam..  mmmmm….

chelsea flower show 3this little guy was definitely one of my favourites…

chelsea flower show 4One of the best parts of the show was the retreats, a few small garden sheds that had been taken over by a famous designer to create a crafting workspace.  The Cath Kidston one was very cool, but a little too flowery for me, the best one was definitely that of paper cutter Rob Ryan…

chelsea flower show 5I’ve been a fan of Rob’s work for a VERY long time, and it was great to see a few pieces in the creative stage and also talk to one of the girls that works in his studio…

chelsea flower show 6

_MG_7113chelsea flower show 7

chelsea flower show 8Despite the rain it was a brilliant day out (thanks Whizzy!) and the little insight into Rob Ryan’s creative space had really inspired me to get going again, so watch this space!

Day 30: deery me

Since Bert arrived I’ve become a little obsessed with deer heads.  I’ve bought three new deer heads and quite a big stash of wool to do a few more, I just need to find the time!  I’m also planning a few non woolly additions to the Taylor deer head collection, I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s a few of Bert’s distant relatives I discovered this week.

Fox Bunting

The Ugly Sweater

Manafka Mina

Greedy for Colour

Day 21: oh deer oh deer!

Remember I when I mentioned my amazing project here but didn’t want to show you til it was done?  Well, it took longer than I thought, but worth the wait I think…..


Isn’t he handsome!  I’ve been looking for a decopage deer head for months and finally found one when Hobbycraft got their Christmas stock in.  There was no real pattern or plan, I just started crocheting around his neck and just kept going.

What do you think?

I think my next project should be some photography classes to use my camera in low light, but you get the idea!