Day 26: the big shop

I know what you are thinking, she’s finally lost it, why is she taking pictures of her grocery shopping?  But stay with me, it’ll make sense eventually.

Yesterday a friend of mine I met in China wrote a post about World Food Day, a day to draw attention to hunger, poverty and malnutrition across the world. In her post Olivia talks about how the cultural differences between nations has a huge impact on how we value food and her experiences of the difference between China and the Western world.  She also posted a link to a brilliant photo essay, you should definitely go over and have a look!

It’s that photo essay which inspired my photo today… my weekly shop.

I think you can learn a lot about people from their weekly shop, I always have a good nosey in other shopping trolleys as I wonder around tesco.  The photo essay is a real insight into the culture of each country represented.  Quite an eye opener.

P.S. Olivia, is you read this, I know I still haven’t sent you the parcel I’ve been promising for about 9 months, but if you email me your new address I PROMISE I will do it!!  I’ve said this publicly now so I’ll have to do it.  Miss you.x