granny square

Granny squares galore!!

So, big news, my sister is up the duff (she hates it when I say that, but what’s she going to do?)  This news is SOOOOO EXCITING!!!  I still can’t believe it and it’s going to be popping out in November, not long to go!

As this is the first baby of the family I wanted to make something very special, but she has refused to find out if this little sprog is a boy or a girl, my money’s on a girl.  As much as this is a nice idea, it has made it VERY difficult to decide what to make, but I think I’ve cracked it!

granny square baby blanketTo cater for all eventualities I had to pick a fairly mixed colour palette.  The last thing I wanted to do was go from cream, or yellow, or green, or orange on their own, so I thought I’d go for all of them, and throw in a bit of pink and blue for good measure.

granny square baby blanket


Unfortunately this meant breaking my only remaining new years resolution and buying more wool.  But as this baby was not anticipated at the time of setting the resolutions, I believe this is entirely justified, really it is.

granny square baby blanketI cannot stop smiling at the (nearly) finished article!!!!  A baby blanket fit for a Queen (because it will be a girl).

granny square baby blanketI spent a LOT of time trying to decide how to join all the little squares.  I could have joined them as I went, Lucy at attic24 has a good method for this,  but I really want to get all the squares done and play with the layout.  Lucy has a good method for doing this too, but I decided to do it like a seem and sew the little v’s together, if you know what I mean.

granny square baby blanketI LOVE the effect, it makes a really cool little ridge between all the squares on the front, and the back is very neat and tidy.  I have to add more photos of the back…

The 4-way joins were a little bit more complicated, I had to make them tight, but not so tight that they made the blanket inflexible.  The last time I tried joining granny squares I made this mistake at the finished piece was all warped and just not right.

granny square baby blanketI was just going to add a few granny square rows around the outside, but if I do that I won’t get this nice ridge around the outside.  So I’m experimenting with a little bit of granny square stripes and then attaching these to the outer edge in the same seam join, hopefully this will work, I’ll let you know.

crochet granny square border


I just LOVE this blanket!  I’m quite tempted to keep it for myself, but I suppose I should give it to my brand new baby niece, when she arrives, so I should get a month or two longer to look at it, before it ends up covered in baby vom.

granny square baby blanket






a whole lot of granny square goodness!

I am in LOVE with granny squares! There is something about them that is just so homely and lovely.

I think I have probably spent more time looking at pictures of granny squares, rather than actually making them, but there is just so much inspiration out there I couldn’t stop. Little Tin Bird and Attic24 have the most amazing colour combinations, just all summery and lovely. I also found some quite cool alternatives to a blanket or cushion here and here.

As nice as the swimming costume and the slippers are, I thought I’d just go for a cushion for my first attempt…

what do you think? I quite like it. The colours do match my living room, but also remind me of the scouts.

I’m very much a novice crocheter and I learnt a few things while i was making this I thought it would be a good idea to share incase you were considering getting yourself a little bit of granny squaring action…

1. Tension is REALLY important! Knitting and crocheting books say this all the time and my usual response is ‘muh?’, but when you are making something like this and you do one square slightly tighter, it just won’t fit together.

2. Tension is REALLY important! I also discovered that the tension of the join is quite important too. I pulled mine really tight because I thought that would help hold it together, but it just meant the joins were really tight compared to the squares and the squares a puffing up a little bit. This isn’t so bad for this because it’s a cushion, but if i were to make a blanket, I’d be a bit more careful.

I’ve also had a little holiday since my last post. As much as I love the UK, and there is something very British about a rainy summer, it was very nice to get to the sunshine for a few days. I really wanted to take something with me to keep my crafting fingers busy so I decided to take some thread and make a friendship bracelet. I used to make these all summer when I was little, but I needed a bit of a refresher and found this amazing tutorial here. I didn’t go for the heart pattern, I tried some little chevrons instead…

I had a little bit of thread left over and just couldn’t help myself….

I’m not quite sure what to do with them, but you have to admit… they’re pretty cool!