It’s been a long time since my last post, I’ve been meaning to write sooner, but I’ve just been enjoying being at home too much.

Well, after 34 hours and 3 flights I finally made it back.  I had quite a bit of time in the airport on the way so made a little map of my journey.

The view over the north of England on the way into Manchester was amazing!  Snow, frozen lakes and rivers, it was beautiful.  Just as we came through the last layer of clouds there was this really cool cross-hatched formation so I jumped for my camera.

Cool eh?

The first thing I did when I got back, after a really long shower, was put on my super soft new slippers I’d ordered the week before, get a massive cup of tea and watched the rugby.

Bliss…The cat was more interested in eating the tulips.

But now, the moment you have been waiting for…  In my last post I told you about my Autumn Bobble Hat number 1 and mentioned that I had also made hat number 2, well, here it is!I increased the number of stitches from 74 to 100 i think, and used bigger needles for the main bit of the hat, so it fits much better that the first one.  I’m very happy with how it turned out, so is my mum.The dye of the yarn made a really cool pattern too, a bit like a sort of camouflage pattern.  This was completely unintentional, but as I was knitting it just started to develop, and kept going.  It was actually a bit exciting just seeing how it turned out, I’m a total geek I know.

Well, I’ve got a very busy week next week, I start back at work in the morning, and have to find somewhere to live, but I’ll try and keep you up to date.