Day 22: colourific

It’s so hard to choose colours!!  Whether it’s to decorate a room, craft up something magic or buying an outfit it can be really difficult to choose a combination that *goes*.

I’ve got a little secret that might help you though…..

A few months ago I found Design Seeds.  Wowsers, if you were ever stuck for colourful inspiration this is DEFINITELY the place to go!

It’s a collection of amazing colour palettes all created using beautiful images, here’s a few of my favourites…

Aren’t they just incredible!

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what you could you ask for?!?!?

Day 10: manga camera

I’m still stuck I’m a hotel so I’ve been looking for things to keep me occupied, I think I’ve come up trumps! I found the app manga camera!

This app is pretty awesome. Instead of just changing the colours of your photos, like most other apps I have (you may have noticed I’m a bit of an Instagram fan), this app changes your pictures into Japanese style comics! It’s amazing!



Aren’t they amazing! I’ve even done one for my latest knitting project…

I think I’m going to do this to all my photos from now on, I LOVE IT!!!